Hi there, friends… I have some exciting news for you today! Are you ready? Are you sitting down?

Oh heavens, no… I’m not pregnant!

I’ve just signed up as a DeMarle at Home Consultant!! Never heard of it? Well I’m here to tell you all about why chefs all over the world are using this non-stick woven-glass product that’s going to knock your socks off!

I never imagined I’d ever do such a thing as become a home party consultant, but the truth is, I am in a deep, deep love with my DeMarle cookware and since I am forever bragging it up to whoever will listen, I thought… what the heck… why don’t I start sharing this wonderful stuff LIVE with as many people as possible.

I went to my first Demarle at Home (DAH) party about a year ago and I was smitten from the start. When I saw Carol (my super sweet Demarle consultant) throw some broccoli into the Large Round Mold, cover it with the Octagonal Silpat, pop it in the microwave for 2 minutes and pull out perfectly streamed, delicious broccoli …I KNEW I had to have that. Then I hosted my own party and was able to pick up TONS of new pieces with the incredible earnings and ½ off purchases I received as a hostess. That’s when I really started to explore the endless possibilities and step out of my cooking rut!

Like you, I want to put healthy food on my dinner table. However…not infrequently… I find that my menu has all come together and is about ready for the table when I remember that I forgot to do the veggies. With DAH, this is no longer an issue. Dinner can always hold for 3 minutes while I grab some broccoli (or other veggie of choice) and pop it in the micro for 2 minutes!! (Sorry, kids… not getting out of it this time!) Honestly, the veggies I cook this way come out WAAAAY tastier (perfect, really) than when I do them on the stove where the risk of over-cooking is ever present.

Preparation of fresh steamed vegetables is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the ease of cooking with DeMarle. You can prepare your entire dinner… oh so simply… with the Flexiflat, Silpat and Round Molds. Fresh baked bread… that’s no problem either. You don’t need to head out for an expensive dinner, you can eat like a King or Queen… simply… in the comfort of your own home.

If fresh steamed broccoli isn’t making your heart go pitter pat, have no fear… just wait until you see the gorgeous baked creations you can whip up in no time flat. I’m not kidding, friends… you’re going to be as excited as I am when I start showing you my oh-so-pretty meals and desserts! I mean really… the pictures shown here are a PACKAGED coffee cake mix and look how gorgeous it is!

Anyway…. I can go on and on about the versatility this spectacular cookware provides, the insanely easy cleanup, the fact that you never have to grease a pan and will still have perfectly cooked/baked culinary marvels… but I’ll save some of those details for a later date. For now… I just wanted to say, my DeMarle products have provided me tons of fresh inspiration and I have plans… BIG PLANS… for so many delectable eats to bring to you in the coming days/weeks/months… and beyond!

If you are interested in learning more about DeMarle at Home, feel free to check out the catalog and product line HERE or shoot me an email.

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DeMarle Sunshine Mold Thanks for letting me share my news.

Bon Appetit!!